Javier Lozano catch-up

Here’s a little reminiscence of ex- artist in residence Javier Lozano who was with us for 4 weeks, just over a year ago, in September 2013. Here’s what he remembers:

“I came to grafodroom to make an art residency after my project was selected by PASSWORD: PRINTMAKING.

The residence was for 3 weeks but because my project was pretty ambitious, we decided I could extend it to 4 weeks. Grafodroom crew would find me a place for the last week. The first three weeks I slept in a lutheran hostel, part of a very old church in the center of the nice and expensive old town of Tallin.

My project was to illustrate the book of Nietzsche “Thus spoke Zarathustra”
I made one drawing for each of the 83 chapters of the book. These drawings would finally be
4 copies of 83 different silk prints in 2 colors, one black and one neon.

On the last day of the residency I knew that even Grafodroom crew made a bet about if I could finish it or not when they selected my project.

1383508_317329951741484_820777974_n (1)
So I came to Tallin with a lot of work to do.

The small cultural shock with estonian manners on the street and certain logistic problems that were delaying my work made my first week not so easy, a week to get used to.
Soon, there was the chance to make a small exhibition, where I could show the previous drawings for the silk prints, drawings that I had to copy again on the first week, as part of the so called logistic problems.

Grafodroom is a very informal studio in a basement. I was there copying the drawings next to people who were working all the time making a website, a video game, silk prints or even robots.
When I had to build this first drawing exhibition they stopped a bit their own work and were very cool and helpful..

From the second week I started to work very intensively spending all day and part of the night in the studio and with almost no time to make social relations. We were becoming friends in the studio I think starting from the respect that an artist who is an enthusiastic workalcoholic has for someone who is similar.

There was some occasions to get to know us better out of the studio, specially a trip to the countryside, where we welcomed the autumn in a sauna. It was there where I realized how much Grafodroom is a family where you know you can always trust the others. I felt part of it and I still feel very lucky and thankful for this link that was created.

The rest of my time in Grafodroom was working all the time. Finally making the silk prints and feeling really sorry ´cos I couldn´t spend more time far from work joining the movie night in Grafodroom or just talking more with the people around but I was going to exhibit the silk prints again in the same place and I still had to hold the CCC (collective comic creation) workshop.

Finally the second exhibition was made, with a party after it. Hanna and Marilyn were helping building it, Ott was making visuals in the party (and designed and ordered the books with the comics from the workshop!) and Mari and Britta were helping with the last silk prints. The work was finished in the last minute before running to take the flight but I could´t forget how supported and happy I felt with the people of Grafodroom. And I´m coming back to see them in Tallin. That´s for sure!”