Event : 24. Oktoober 14 – Maagilise reaalsuse + Snot

This Friday in Grafodroom : : book launch + game launch + live music + pidu

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Maagilise reaalsuse jutuõhtu

Jutuõhtu Grafodroomi keldris, Edvin Aedma lugudega Maagilisest reaalsusest ja teistest trükistest. Võibolla ka natuke vilepillimängu või jämmi.

maagilisi reaalsuse

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Come down to Grafodroom’s basement to help us launch Snot all over the place.


Snot is a game in a handkerchief, playable in pairs. Take turns to make a move with needle and thread, vying to be the first to reach the finishing point. Shortcuts can be made along the route but they come at a price. If you don’t want to lose then be prepared to tell the other player something deeply sincere and horrible; deliver them a compliment in earnest; punch them; touch them; kick them; kiss them; make them blush or cry….



Win a copy of the game by ending the night as the one and only undefeated champion. Losers wishing to take the game home can buy a copy at the launch night for more or less 15 € (less if you’re poor, more if you’re rich) or here now.


and music from:

vil     +     juhan     +     andres2     + probably more
snot feature


Snot was designed and made by Grafodroom studio member Hannah Harkes.