Grafodroom irregularly hosts artists in residents who temporarily join the workshop + studios to work on a project. If you are interested in spending some time working at Grafodroom, email

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Previous residents :

Jana Zatvarnicka September 2016

Jana Zatvarnická (born 1988) is a Slovakian artist currently studying painting at the Academy of Arts in Düsseldorf, Germany. During the month of September, she was Artist in Residence at Grafodroom, where she experimented with traditional printmaking techniques – carborundum, silkscreen and monoprint – which she combined and moved forward with other techniques. Part of the works made during the residency were exhibited in her related solo exhibition ‘Project Nest‘ in Gallery Metropol (08.-24. October). Jana’s approach was to investigate new principles in her work. With a background in painting, she works mainly with layers and “direct touch”, with materials and medium itself. She understands the print as a “trace” or a new layer. Printmaking, therefore, is a very meaningful medium to her. During the residency, the artist collected forms, mostly from nature, and used traditional techniques to reproduce these forms. She tried to also apply the same processes to body-prints. Printmaking appeared for her as an accessible medium for using multiple images to build form, as well as for reproduction and repetition. She was often led by the experience of the process – “just see what happens” – learning by doing and intimate contact with the medium itself. Through this process, she explored ideas of body, psyche, nature and transformation.


Zachary Carlisle Davidson July 2014

I am, and always have identified by my otherness, but not in a pejorative, conventionalized typecast manner. More as an awareness of my disposition constituted of Afro-Caribbean/Scot-Irish/Eastern Band Cherokee-Apache, left-handed, frequent expat & traveler, perpetual skate-rat, über-ectomorphic, insomniac, deistic, 成语 recitin’, socialist/populist, vandal-lovin’, chronic pain sufferin’ Okie/Texan that I have had many opportunities to utilize and mature an outside perspective. This has evolved and transformed me into a pursuer of knowledge, particularly delving into socio-political, subcultural and pluralistic subject matter to broaden my scope.

My practice is based in the development of contemporary and topical depictions subjected to slice-of-life narratives and figures that I exploit in whimsically exaggerated characterization. The dichotomy of contextual subtlety and blatancy in sources and visual presentation are intentional obscurantism inviting viewers to isolate and integrate semiotic imagery interpretation(s).


Javier Lozano September 2013

Javier Lozano uses his images to portray actions and situations and to shape pre-existing concepts. He aims to reflect universal characteristics of human beings, rather than seeing them as merely cultural products.

The project to make in Grafodroom will be a series of illustrations for Nietzsche’s book “Thus spake Zarathustra”. Nietzsche’s book contains not only a beautiful language figuring out the human nature, but also powerful images, so suggestive in its symbology that they could work even without the text. There are some chapters with a very clear visual description of the scene, while others are more conceptual.


Mark Rennie April-May 2013

The nature of the work is bleak and cold, like the damp chill of a Scottish mist in the shadow of towering, craggy mountains. The purpose is to evoke an understanding of what it means to be uprooted from history, colonized and cannibalized by an invading worldview, burned and decapitated from the earth. The subjects are faceless, dark pits look out from underneath hoods and bonnets, or they are swathed in dirty rags.